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Letter: Science indicates Democrats must stop defending abortion

Science indicates Democrats must stop defending abortion

The “tactical” advice of David Brooks’ “imaginary consultant” to the Democratic Party on its continuing defense of late-term abortions was: Give it up! The fundamental observations cited: viability outside the womb at 22 weeks; scientific advances that “fundamentally shift the moral intuition about abortion;” that in comparison with boomers, the percentage of millennials who believe that abortion should be legal in all cases has declined by over 30 percent since 1991; and that “future generations will regard our current treatment of fetuses” as “most barbaric.” This suggests more prudent advice to the Democratic Party is to give up all defense of abortion, save for those medical interventions needed to save lives – the mother, the child or both.

Scientific advances indeed help to shift our moral intuition because, as indicated by the “consultant,” they help us to “see” that there is a life inside the womb, that began at conception. Hopefully, at some point, science will cure the Supreme Court’s “blindness” so that it will see fit to reverse its 1973 decision, as well as the “blindness” of those in Congress who are similarly afflicted, so that it will pass the “Life at Conception Act.”

For those of us who believe that life begins at conception, the proof is self-evident; just wait nine months!

Frank Notaro


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