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Letter: Trump’s actions are not making America ‘great’

Trump’s actions are not making America ‘great’

Hmm, racism rearing its ugly head; once-in-500-years weather catastrophes occurring every other year; homelessness; an ever-increasing disparity of wealth; a health care system that fails to draw the envy of any nation sporting more than two electrical generators.

A rotting infrastructure; record mass incarcerations; one in six schoolchildren going to bed hungry every night; a war on terrorism, without end or objective, that has killed tens of thousands more civilians than enemy insurgents; domestic mass killings on average once a week.

Corruption at every level of government; a president who thinks it would be dandy to shut down the government if the opposition party doesn’t roll over on the immigration issue; and his party killing funding to the consumer protection agency.

The nagging fear that this “stable genius” could start World War III as a distraction if the investigation into his alleged collusion with Russia turns up incriminating evidence.

President Trump’s answer to these vexing problems? A military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, reminiscent of the Cold War parades through Red Square, banana republics and other totalitarian regimes with dictators. Which leaves me a little foggy over Trump’s definition of “great.”

A military parade would be to the moral, economic and political health of this nation what a trailer hitch is to the soundness of an automobile’s road performance on a nearly empty tank of gas.

George Grace


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