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Letter: Trump kept his promise and delivered tax cuts

Trump kept his promise and delivered tax cuts

My husband and I watched the news channels and C-Span quite a bit during the last election cycle. Then candidate Donald Trump promised tax cuts for businesses and the forgotten working families.

We said let’s see, after the election. Little did we realize that these cuts would affect our income, too, as we are both retired. When we received our February pension notices, our net deposits were about $40 more due to the income tax cuts. Some may call that crumbs, but that $40 will help pay for a medical specialist copay or a few prescriptions, of which we have many. It may be the difference for some seniors, who may be able to keep a little warmer or even have a treat of a fish fry, beef on weck or pizza with their grandkids.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats better wake up and smell the coffee and try to work with, and not against, every Trump and Republican proposal. Come to think of it, I may be able to go for a coffee and doughnut with some of those crumbs.

Jackie Gerth


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