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Letter: Let’s try to be more aware of the footprints we leave

Let’s try to be more aware of the footprints we leave

Neighborhood signs, blue with white doves, reading: “I leave footprints for peace” may have their origin in my favorite theologian/philosopher Soren Kierkegaard’s “The Anxiety of Self-Torment,” Christian Discourses, 1848. You decide: “But He came to this earth to prescribe the task, to leave behind Him a footprint, so that we might learn from Him.”

A task well worth the learning is for all of us to take this past Ash Wednesday seriously, as a universally human observance of the fact that: “You are dust, and to dust you shall return.” This fateful destiny both billionaire and destitute share together.

So the bottom line is not how much wealth we’ve amassed during our brief stay on Earth’s crust, but consideration for the coming end that we’re all wedded for eternity to.

While current events are ominous: tactical nuclear weapons on the table, a permanent war economy and security state malfeasance – all threatening our life, liberty and happiness – our footprints, how we’ve walked or lived our 70 or 80 odd years with our neighbors, is surely to remain in the dust.

Ray Peterson


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