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Letter: Hypocrites ignore science about pain felt in the womb

Hypocrites ignore science about pain felt in the womb

Recently, the Senate voted against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This is an example of hypocrisy from those who claim to revere science. If that were true, they would have supported this bill based on science that has determined that children in the womb feel pain sometime after 20 weeks, either reflexively or consciously.

Regardless of their stance, they should have recognized that if the unborn feel pain in the womb, that differentiates them from tissue that cannot respond to painful stimuli or become human through birth. Though some scientists might argue that consciousness has not developed enough in a preborn child to remember pain felt in utero, I wonder about the mindset that decides that fetal reflex and pain are irrelevant.

This law would not have prevented all abortions, just some. Do not we, as a society, often legislate against the harm that we can cause each other? Sometimes science and philosophy are less important than they seem: Acting humanely, and humanly, should not depend on hiding behind science while we make choices that harm generations.

Jodi Yorio Finlayson


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