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Letter: American dream has become a nightmare

American dream has become a nightmare

This morning I read again that Rep. Paul Ryan wants to cut unfunded mandates to balance the budget. Hogwash! We spend about 62 cents of every federal tax dollar on the military. We defend Europe and Asia, 73 years after the end of World War II. Germany has the third-largest economy in the world! England is doing pretty well. Why are we still their defense force? We give $50 billion per year in aid to Israel.

The government, since 1963, has put Social Security into the general fund and used it for other purposes. There are 85 million people on Social Security now, with the rest of the baby boom on the way, yet we just gave tax breaks to those who have the most and big business.

We could have paid Social Security back, built infrastructure, employed people and invested in our country, but instead we will let Social Security go broke and let people starve. The American dream is a nightmare! We fund other countries, but don’t help our own storm victims or fund the social safety net.

Daniel R. Weaver

West Seneca

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