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Letter: World deserves much better than our bellicose president

World deserves much better than our bellicose president

My parents were Republicans – and sometimes they weren’t. They voted for men of conscience and quality, regardless of political party.

My father served as a medical doctor during World War II with Gen. George Patton’s Army in Western Europe, including Belgium and France. He was at the invasion of Normandy. As a doctor, he tended to horrific war-inflicted bodily injuries and rarely spoke of it after he came home. His job was piecing together the gravely wounded and pronouncing death for those beyond saving. Those soldiers gave their lives to stop Hitler’s horrific carnage.

My father would be appalled if he could see Trump’s belligerent, bellicose, authoritarian America. The rattling of nuclear weapons and the disregard for human lives affects us all.

My father would be ashamed of the spineless, self-serving Republicans who toady to this ignorant man who stars in his own reality show presidency, systematically tearing down human rights and bragging about his “nuclear button” America. The world community deserves better.

Lucia Leone Sleight


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