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Letter: President’s flawed morality is a dark stain on America

President’s flawed morality is a dark stain on America

It is ironic and deeply sad that some writers to Everybody’s Column defend the undefendable activities of President Trump and then sign their names with an M.D. or doctorate to follow. They are defending a man who does not like to read! Why would any educated or compassionate person support the immoral antics of Trump? Did these writers never take an ethics or logic course? Did they somehow fall asleep during Sunday school teachings or gloss over a clergy presentation on the Ten Commandments?

More frightening is the poor moral example that Trump is giving to our children and grandchildren. Do we want them to mimic his belittling and demeaning behavior? Do we want our children to disrespect different religious and ethical views? Do we want a whole generation of bullies to follow the leader? It seems as though these writers with such high educational achievement really don’t care about this.

And what about those major religious leaders who are looking the other way when Trump tramples on the moral commandments and teachings of Christ? They often forget that the sanctity of life is not just for the abortion issue but covers the sacredness of life for all on this planet.

For many of us in Western New York, it is sad to see talk show hosts praising a man who calls any news he disagrees with “fake news.” I wonder if our sheriff enjoys seeing his favorite president falsely mocking the FBI, CIA, NSA and other intelligence forces. Not to respect the rule of law weakens all of law enforcement!

A cleverly crafted speech and a bubble in the stock market cannot be a substitute for a flawed ethical character. That is what Trump is, a flawed moral character. A stain on America.

Joseph M. Yonder


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