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Letter: Buffalo teachers need to stop making excuses

Buffalo teachers need to stop making excuses

At one time, teaching was a respected profession in the Buffalo Public Schools. You can’t deny the union’s influence on the educational system. Poor student performance appears to be accepted by many teachers. Many schools have embarrassing high dropout and absentee rates. Families are fleeing the city from terrible schools and teachers. Parents are lucky when their child transfers to a charter school or they can afford to enroll their kids in private schools. Problems arise when teachers are not held accountable for poor performance.

News investigative reporters Jay Rey and Barbara O’Brien did an excellent job on the Feb. 8 story on Western New York graduation rates, revealing East Aurora with a 100 percent graduation rate. There isn’t one good reason that Buffalo Public Schools do not share a similar success story. I’m tired of the lame excuses.

Teachers are furious they are being held to a standard and expectation to educate. Yet teachers without shame accept a generous salary, health benefits, paid time off (vacation, personal, sick, military), holidays and summers off with an early retirement that’s every taxpayer’s envy. When principals try to control the chaos that teachers create, teachers retaliate, as they did at School 18 and McKinley.

Superintendent Kriner Cash has done an excellent job. He needs to re-examine teacher absenteeism as well as alleged injuries while teaching. Buffalo police officers are mandated to wear body cameras for their safety. It’s only logical to have cameras in every classroom to protect our children.

Joe Cyran


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