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Editorial: It seems to us – No more best friends, gobs of jellyfish and a bunch of bikes

Social engineering gone mad: There is a movement afoot to prohibit children from having a best friend. A best friend, you see, is exclusionary and that’s bad.

OK, look: The idea, possibly originating in London, arises from a noble sentiment. Children who feel excluded can suffer emotionally. That may be especially true among that cliques that form in schools.

We get it. And the idea of asking children – or adults, for that matter – to reach beyond a BFF is absolutely worth pursuing. But why make it impossible by denying human nature? We all gravitate to certain personalities, forming especially close bonds. It’s complicated, but the technical word is “normal.”


* * *

What’s mostly water and divided into three main parts?

No! Not the current political parties (adding in an ultra-right or left-leaning wing, your choice). It’s jellyfish. And they are headed to Niagara Falls aquarium – between 20 and 50 of the translucent creatures, about four different species, the largest ones 5 to 6 inches in diameter.

Construction of the $440,000 gallery is scheduled to begin May 1, and expected opening by the end of the year. It will be a welcome addition along with the $3.5 million Humboldt penguin exhibit due to open March 15.

Perhaps these developments seem along the lines of what a Minneapolis consulting firm suggested about bolstering the city’s year-round attractions. Jellyfish? Hey, if it brings in more visitors, why not?

* * *

Who knew there were so many bicycle enthusiasts across Buffalo in search of a ride? Well, they found it on the seats of two-wheeled red machines begging for riders. According to Reddy Bikeshare, the 200 available in the area were used. A lot. The bicycle network recorded 26,514 trips, an increase from 11,986 in 2016. A lot of people got their sweat on – “most calories burned in one trip,” over 10,000 and “the longest trip,” 49 miles, to Niagara Falls and back again. Whew!

The program, sponsored by Independent Health, has many positive attributes from fitness to convenience, especially for commuters. Sign up, see a bike and take it for a spin.

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