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Letter: There should be more outrage over Holding Center death

There should be more outrage over Holding Center death

I applaud The Buffalo News, especially reporter Matt Spina, for the continuous drumbeat of outrage over the investigation and lack of accountability of the Erie County Holding Center in the death of Richard Metcalf. I know there are, and have been, good people working there and that their jobs are difficult, but this was a death. Politics has no place in it.

I grew up in Cattaraugus County and am embarrassed for the part Cattaraugus County District Attorney Lori Rieman played in this.

The pain of the Metcalf family members who see their son’s death brushed aside without a trial must be immense. I can only wonder why the compassionate and concerned people in Buffalo have not voiced more outrage. Metcalf had symptoms of mental illness and as a human being, not convicted of any crime, he deserved better. Apparently some citizens of Erie County have heard the message, as Sheriff Timothy Howard was not elected as readily this last year as previously.

Marcy Rose

Past President, National Alliance on

Mental Illness in Buffalo & Erie County


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