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Letter: NFL owners, players should apologize, build vet hospital

NFL owners, players should apologize, build vet hospital

Well, the Super Bowl has come and gone for another year. Another year of my life is coming around and as I look around it makes me sad.

That said, who were the winners in the great Super Bowl? I’ll tell you: the owners, the NFL and the players. They all make mucho U.S. dollars, while showing their disrespect for our national anthem, our vets, the fans and the whole U.S.A.

If a person sees a crime being committed and does nothing, then he is just as guilty, therefore all these players who stood beside these kneelers are just as guilty as them of disrespecting our national anthem.

The owners and NFL players on Super Bowl Sunday all stood during the playing of the anthem, and in doing so think that forgives them for all the disrespect they showed all season long. Not in my book.

I think an apology should be made in the form of the owners and players pledging to build a new hospital for our vets. Please don’t tell me they can’t afford it. Also, next season any player kneeling should be tossed from the league. If they can’t respect our anthem, they don’t deserve to play here.

Tom McConnaughey

North Tonawanda

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