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Letter: Letter was masquerading as an intellectual exercise

Letter was masquerading as an intellectual exercise

The Another Voice, “It’s disappointing to see government fall into disfavor” by a retired history teacher was not the intellectual exercise it masqueraded to be. The writer threw out a plethora of names hated by the irrational left, without a single fact to back up the evil classifications. But what really betrayed his position was stating that Justices Antonin Scalia and Neil Gorsuch were “reactionary justices.” Apparently, the writer believes allegiance to the Constitution must be evil. That indicates that the “history teacher” does not understand the history of this country, its founding, founders or the U.S. Constitution.

Just in the Obama era alone, the EPA and Department of State were totally politicized. The IRS and Department of Justice were weaponized. Check out the recent federal judge decision to throw out all charges against Cliven Bundy. Lois Lerner used the IRS as a weapon against those who politically opposed the Obama administration.

Now consider several other examples of “good government” such as the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, and massive waste and corruption in agencies such as the Government Services Administration. Or consider the reports about corruption and incompetence from various VA locations around the country. The topic of government malfeasance and waste has been the topic of dozens of books and studies.

The government does in fact have a role to play in society. However, the creeping growth of government, increasing efforts to control almost every aspect of community and personal lives, combined with politicization, weaponization, fraud, incompetence and waste lead to a dislike and distrust of government. In general terms, the government is one big bureaucracy. Bureaucracy exists not to accomplish anything, but to grow and extend itself. I have no issue with government agencies when they are efficient in achieving their stated mission.

Distrust and dislike of government is not simply because of political views, it is because government has earned the distrust and dislike.

James Sterman

East Amherst

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