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Letter: Democrats still don’t see why president was elected

Democrats still don’t see why president was elected

Americans are experiencing President Trump’s 2018 tax reduction, yet Democrats are crying doom and gloom. With low unemployment and rising incomes, taxpayers are also benefiting from growth in their 401(k) savings.

As President Bill Clinton once said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” The Democrats have not offered any proposal except taking care of illegal immigrants.

I don’t think the Democrats want Americans to have jobs. They want people to be enslaved to the welfare system – that gets them votes.

The Democrats still don’t see why Trump was elected:

1.) He is the only one who showed concern for blue-collar workers. Thus his victory in the Rust Belt of America.

2.) He stands against immigration to keep American jobs, keep out terrorists and criminals and reduce illegal drugs.

3.) President Barack Obama’s eight years were the slowest economic recovery since World War II.

4.) Trump does not bow to political correctness. He is rebuilding our military and does not bow to our enemies and he speaks directly to the people.

John Orlowski


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