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Letter: Railroads are committed to making network safe

Railroads are committed to making network safe

The recent accident involving Amtrak and CSX trains in South Carolina is a tragedy. The author of a Feb. 9 Another Voice column on train safety and your readers should know that the freight rail industry has made great progress on positive train control (PTC) and remains dedicated to working closely with communities.

America’s largest freight railroads are on track to meet all PTC deadlines established by Congress. PTC is a matter all railroads take seriously. This new technology will add another layer of protection across the network, and railroads are dedicated to getting the job done right.

Our commitment to safety extends to communities, ensuring emergency planners and first responders can access information about what is traveling on the rails. Railroads coordinate with local authorities to ensure emergency response officials can effectively plan and prepare for a potential incident.

Additionally, the industry has developed a secure mobile application for first responders called AskRail, which provides on-demand information about the hazardous materials transported in a train, enabling first responders to swiftly and safely manage an incident. Railroads also provide first responder training both locally and at an industry facility in Colorado on how to effectively respond to rail accidents.

From efforts to prevent accidents from ever happening, such as PTC, to helping communities prepare and respond, railroads remain committed to making a safe network – and our communities – safer.

Michael Rush

Senior vice president for safety and

operations, Association of American

Railroads, Washington, D.C.

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