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Letter: Do we need a whole page featuring business people?

Do we need a whole page featuring business people?

Every Sunday there’s a whole page of “Business People” in The News who weren’t too busy to have their picture taken. I object to this display. I didn’t even like a half page of them, as was the case before their numbers grew this past year.

Maybe no one else complains about this, but they should. There’s no recognition for “slacker people.” If it weren’t for them being easy-going, schools and society in general would be ultra-competitive, the pressure to succeed, unbearable. And why are almost all of the big wigs smiling? They’re in grindingly tedious professions.

Another objection I have is that recent bios omit what college they went to. That was the only thing mildly interesting about these elite eggheads. We want to know which rackets of “higher” learning the office eagles went to.

Ken Kiefer


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