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Letter: President is the one I fear might be guilty of treason

President is the one I fear might be guilty of treason

The word treason means an offense of an overt act to overthrow the government. The word overt means open, clear or nonsecret. It was in President Trump’s speech in Ohio on Feb. 5, where he accused Democrats of the House and Senate of treason. His reason was that they refused to clap to his rhetoric at his State of the Union speech.

While it is true that the Democratic members did openly and clearly refuse to clap, I guess that they were guilty of treason for thinking in their mind of overthrowing Trump via impeachment. Oh my, our president is a mind reader who demands people not think bad thoughts against him. If they do then it is treasonous.

Mr. President, for the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency’s, the Republicans in attendance at the State of the Union address also never clapped. The procedure of the opposing party not clapping for the president of the opposite party speaking at a State of the Union has been the common practice for decades.

For Trump’s information, the United States of America is a democracy, and people have rights to disagree with what someone states. The president needs to be careful that treason doesn’t apply to someone like himself, who tries to control the media and the judicial and legislative branches – symbols of democracy – with authoritarian wants and demands.

Joseph Borzelliere

East Amherst

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