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Letter: Border wall is waste of money because it is doomed to fail

Border wall is waste of money because it is doomed to fail

Again we hear from people who believe President Trump’s proposed wall on the Southern border will be the end of illegal immigration. This faith is really up there with Peter Pan’s “If you believe you can fly, it will happen.”

There are many reasons why the wall won’t work. Here’s a really big one. You can buy ladders of various sizes in Mexico. Mexicans are living in the 21st century, and they have various construction tools that can saw holes in concrete or steel. El Chapo escaped from a Mexican prison because his allies dug a tunnel into it and he walked through it to the outside. Do people really think a wall is going to keep out a single gang member?

The Great Wall of China was built to keep the Mongols out of China. It was a failure. They kept coming in and raiding China. Hundreds of years later, its only success is as a tourist attraction. If Trump’s wall is actually built, hundreds of years later people will go see it and be amazed that we spent so much time, effort and money to accomplish absolutely nothing.

Larry Schultz


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