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Letter: Wyoming County Board isn’t fiscally responsible

Chairman A.D. Berwanger of the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors recently highlighted the board’s successes in 2017. He claims that the board has been fiscally responsible and kept the country’s tax levy under the New York State property tax cap.

Now I just paid my town and county tax bill and it clearly stated the change in the county tax levy was 3.3 percent, which is definitely not less than 2 percent, and another increase over the previous year’s hike of 3.1 percent. Please look at your own tax bills. The New York State property tax cap has remained at 2 percent. So either you are being lied to or the people in county government use some kind of new fuzzy math.

What is worse is that this was the last best chance to have received an actual tax cut given the state’s $20 million bailout of our county hospital’s capital improvement debt. Just wait until you get next year’s county tax bill.

Now I’m sure the board will just dismiss all this and refer to me as “Half Truth Harold.” But if more people don’t start caring and step up, we become much more likely to see even larger property tax hikes in the years to come!

Harold Hopkins


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