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Letter: Officers cleared in shooting deserve community support

The family of a man accused of being a drug dealer has filed a wrongful death suit against the City of Buffalo and two decorated Buffalo police officers. The justified shooting death occurred during an incident in which both officers’ lives were put in peril along with those of civilians in the area.

This suit continues even after both officers were cleared of wrongdoing by an extensive investigation by the New York State Attorney General’s Office, a task that could have been done locally.

Family members claim the death could have been avoided. They are right. This incident could have been avoided had he chosen to obey the law. What also may be right is the possibility of wrongful deaths caused by the heroin and cocaine police found confiscated. While his family and loved ones rightfully grieve over their loss, we must also show our support to the officers and their loved ones for the emotional hell they went through and will continue to endure.

Albert Damiani

Grand Island

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