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Letter: Trump’s desire for parade is another alarming sign

Just when I thought things could not get any more bizarre, President Trump wants a military parade. He has it in his head that he wants to put caps on Medicare, cut aid to the poor, cut benefits to veterans, mess around with Social Security and now he wants a military parade “better than the French.” Couldn’t someone just give him some toy soldiers to play with and save the taxpayers the millions of dollars that such a gross display would cost – a parade just to stroke his vanity?

At first, I found his eccentricities amusing, figuring that it would all pass and we could get back to business after the next election. But now I’m getting really scared. Military parades, accusing the Democrats of treason because they did not stand and applaud him at his State of the Union address, going after the press when they criticize him, building a wall to keep people out (or in?) – it’s sounding rather like a fascist state to me. Someone please tell me, when do the checks and balances kick in?

Donald Siuta

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