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Letter: Democrats should let voters decide who will face Collins

I recently had the pleasure of participating in an exceptionally well-attended Democratic candidate forum for the 27th Congressional District in Geneseo. The candidates were as diverse and worthy as the constituents in attendance, each possessing pieces of the puzzle that will be collectively constructed to defeat corrupt incumbent Rep. Chris Collins.

Everyone present took great satisfaction in knowing that we had multiple candidates to choose from – or so we thought.
Unfortunately, the word from people in the know is that the Democratic Party bosses are already trying to undercut and shut down the primary process in order to appoint their hand-picked favorite. Of course, it’s not difficult to believe that they possibly possess the hubris to make such a self-destructive decision – it’s not like it would be unprecedented. But let them be warned that everyone I’ve been talking to believes the voters will not stand for it. Not this year!

Many of us believe that this is undoubtedly the most important midterm election of our lives. People want to come out and participate like never before.

With all due respect, we cannot allow party officials to rob us of our votes, and the great joy of engaging in the democratic process. Instead, they need to please do everything in their power to facilitate an exciting and fair primary. We the people need it, and deserve it!

Ted Brown

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