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Lomo Lomo seizes starring role at Hydraulic Hearth's Burritos & Brooze

Like every winter, now is the winter of our discontent.

Football is over and our plan to organize family photos has fizzled.

Avoid the inevitable ennui that sets in this time of year by visiting Hydraulic Hearth’s Saturday Burritos & Brooze brunch.

Formerly Bagels & Brooze in collaboration with BreadHive Bakery (see a past Smiles gallery), this year’s version features food by Lomo Lomo food truck.

“We reached out to Lomo Lomo because they consistently put out a great product on their truck,” said Harry Zemsky of Hydraulic Hearth. (Lomo Lomo is one of the many food trucks you'll find at the successful Food Truck Tuesdays in Larkin Square during the summer.)

“Harry reached out to Matt [Pauszek] and I to see if we’d be interested," said Sam Geyer, co-owner/chef of Lomo Lomo. "He told us he wanted someone who wouldn’t do bagels again, since it wouldn’t be BreadHive doing them."

Lomo Lomo delivered with menu for the brunch that is brief, but creative.

“We decided on our menu mostly for the name, Burritos and Brooze, so it was similar to the previous years. We love a good breakfast burrito, so it really made sense for us to focus on that," Geyer said.

"After that, we just pulled flavors and techniques from our food truck menu and adapted them to brunch. The Zac Efron and Good Mornin’ Vietnam were both items we had done in the past, so we added 'scrambies' to them to make them more ‘breakfastable’. With everything else, we just used this opportunity to showcase the style of Lomo Lomo."

Despite being brief, you'll be hard-pressed to pick something from the menu.

Three burritos (all $9 each) - a breakfast (bacon, scrambled eggs, oaxaca cheese, poblano peppers and charred onions); Good Mornin' Vietnam (house chicken sausage, fish sauce caramel, egg fried rice, pickled cabbage) and Zac Efron (refried black beans, egg fried rice, pickled cabbage, oaxaca cheese and house hot barbecue) - are offered.

There  are two waffle choices ($12 each) - a savory version Okonomiyaki (crab, brussels sprouts, soft egg, Kewpie mayo, okonomi sauce, bonito flakes, nori and pickled chilis) or sweet Miss Piggy (bacon, "hott" honey, roasted apple sauce, pistachios and whipped cream).

Lomo Lomo offers three burritos on Saturday, including this breakfast burrito with bacon, scrambled eggs, poblano peppers, charred onions and Oaxaca cheese.

The burrito version of brunch is just as fantastic as the bagel version we visited a few years back. We split a delicious breakfast burrito and Miss Piggy waffle, then added a side of fingerling potatoes done with fried onion and tomato mayo ($4).

Nothing like a great cocktail before heading out into the cold. Click for a larger image.

Other available sides include house chorizo or bacon ($4) or egg ($2). If you have room for dessert, there's rice pudding with coconut and candied ginger ($4). (You could probably eat that and tell yourself it's just like oatmeal.)

The vibe of the experience is great, including guitarist Vinnie DeRosa who rotates with other musicians during the brunch season.

The best part about the brunch is there is no fuss or muss. Simply mark your selections on an order sheet and give it to Lomo Lomo. They deliver food to your table.

In the meantime, a waitress will bring you scrumptious cocktails ($8-$10) from the Brooze menu that features Bloody Marys, bubbly drinks and our fave, Gin & Juice under the Corpse Revivers section of the menu.

You’ll pay two bills: one to Lomo Lomo when you place your order, and one to the waitress for the drinks.

As much as we dig the food truck scene, we love that this experience involves tables, chairs and cocktails. But, the brunch also serves the purpose of helping a food truck out during a slower season.

“This brunch service is a really cool thing for us as a food truck. A warm dining room as a way to reach our customers, friends, family once a week is huge. Nobody likes standing in a negative wind chill to wait for lunch, so it’s really tough for our food truck to make ends meet in the winter,” said Geyer.

The Miss Piggy waffle is a combination of sweet, savory, spice and crunch.

“Matt and I have really tried to be creative with our off season and make sure we find ways to stay active and relevant when the truck isn’t on the road,” said Geyer. Last year Lomo Lomo did a ramen pop-up Everybody Loves Ramen at Resurgence Brewery.

Info: Burritos & Brooze, featuring Lomo Lomo at Hydraulic Hearth, 716 Swan St. 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturdays until early spring, with live music.

The perfect winter pick-me-up, a Gin & Juice at Hydraulic Hearth's Burritos & Brooze brunch on Saturdays.

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