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My View: Wear your good clothes

By James Morabito

As I write this, I am wearing my red sweater.  My red sweater?  So what?  Who cares?  Well, it is the bright red, V-neck one, the one that I like so much, the one that looks so good, the one that I never wear.

That doesn’t make sense, does it?  A nice sweater, my favorite bright red color, a very comfortable sweater that I really like, that I hardly ever wear.

I don’t wear it that often, because I am “saving it” for special events, nice occasions, and times when I want to wear something that makes me feel good.

I have been around enough people to know that I am not the only one who does this.  Lots of people have their favorite hat, or shoes, or sport coat, or purse, or golf pants, etc., etc., etc.  It is natural to like some clothing items better than others.

I am now at the age where I have realized that the time has come to wear my favorite clothes, and just enjoy them.  It doesn’t matter anymore if something gets ripped or stained or damaged in some way.  I now see having clothes that I don’t wear much as rather pointless.

Of course, there is a limit.  I don’t think I will be buying tires wearing a tuxedo and cummerbund.  I probably won’t wear nice shiny loafers while mowing the lawn or digging in my garden.  You won’t see me painting a wall wearing a brand new shirt that was a birthday gift.  Nevertheless, I am going to get a lot of my clothes moving in a way that I haven’t before.

The thing I wonder about is, why people like me like to “save” things for future use?  Are you like that, too?  Do you have clothes, or watches, or jewelry that is for some reason something that you like so much that essentially you never wear it?  What about favorite tools?

Is this some form of insecurity, or planning for the future?  Maybe it is based in frugality and wanting to get the most out of things that we value.  In other words, I got these great pants on sale, they look good on me, and so I am only going to wear them on special occasions when they will be just the thing I want to wear.

It is time to face reality.  If your number is up, most of your nice clothes with be put in a box, or given away, or thrown in the trash by someone you love.  This is more of a factor for those of us who have cracked fifty years of age.  Your nicer clothing items could literally outlive you.

Even for younger people, though, doing too much of this “saving” is a waste of time.  You could get a job at the zoo, and the elephant could decide one day to sit on you.  You could be driving your racecar around the bend, and go off the track.  An airplane could land on your house.  Holding on to favorite clothing too much doesn’t make sense for anyone over 35 or 40 years old.

“Saving” other favorite items doesn’t make much sense either.  It is time to get out your nice stationery or cards, and send someone an actual, physical note, with a stamp on it.  It is time to get out your nice bakeware and make something special.  Unless an item is a true keepsake, it is time to stop clinging to it and “saving it”.

It is also time to go to your favorite restaurant and stop waiting for a special occasion.  Get going.

James Morabito doesn't see the point of not using his special things.

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