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Map: Homicides in Buffalo in 2018

Forty people have been killed in Buffalo so far this year.

In addition, one more death in the city is being investigated as a homicide.

The March death of a Buffalo man who was stabbed in the head in 2012 is being treated like a homicide, though police are awaiting a report on the official cause of death from the Erie County Medical Examiner's Office, according to Buffalo police officials. Carlos A. Stanley, 37, died March 2. He was stabbed on Christmas Eve in 2012 in a parking lot of a store on Broadway, according to Buffalo News archives. Police have not publicly discussed any details of the case.

At this point last year, the city had 36 homicides, including the deaths of two people who had been shot in previous years but died in 2017. That figure also includes the deaths of two men involved in encounters with police.

Homicides – by definition – are the killing of one person by another person. Under the law, not every homicide is a crime.

On this page, The Buffalo News tracks deaths in Buffalo in which authorities have found the victim was killed by another person. The Buffalo Police Department's official homicide list, which it no longer publishes online and which may at times differ slightly from the News' list, contains deaths the department classifies as criminal homicides.

Buffalo's homicide victims in 2018

  • Elisabeth Bell, 28
  • Tonya Harvey, 35
  • Douglas E. Johnson, 47
  • Maria Rivera, 48
  • Jayvone Shackelford-Bishop, 17
  • Dimitrius Morgan, 26
  • Jordan E. Richardson, 27
  • Keith A. Mixon Jr., 26
  • Amir Q. Jemes, 19
  • Thomas Ingram, 75
  • Teron Fitzgerald, 29
  • Chaz A. Carter, 23
  • David R. Harper, 34
  • Demonety Davis, 19
  • Sergio Keyes, 26
  • Ronald Willis, 20
  • Parris Warren, 36
  • Jomar Lopez, 21
  • David A. Lopez, 28
  • Ronald L. Miles, 22
  • Eric V. Swain, 38
  • Leo Thagard, 17
  • Geneva Smith, 31
  • Dennis Thompson, 24
  • Yvette Johnson, 54
  • Kyrie Johnson, 17 months
  • DeShawn Williams, 43
  • Angel Marcial, 25
  • Davonte Wardlaw, 25
  • Dion Donald, 28
  • Xavion Hazzard, 2
  • Carl Davis, 71
  • Lee Holland, 20
  • Lairon Graham, 28
  • Kevon Walker, 37
  • Lakendra Tillman, 31
  • Santana O. Anderson, 26
  • NaKara Morgan, 21
  • Manuel Medina, 47
  • John Shelton, 28


The department does not include the death of Keith A. Mixon Jr. on its official list of homicides. Mixon, 26, died after an April 4 crash into a building at Genesee Street and Bissell Avenue during what police said was a pursuit. The driver was charged with manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. Mixon's death had been included on the department's list until early June, but was removed because it was vehicular in nature, officials said.

Buffalo Police detectives have closed at least nine of this year's homicide cases, and since the start of the year have cleared at least four other cases from prior years, according to the department. The State Police have also cleared the fatal shooting on Interstate-190.

Looking back at 2017

Last February, Wardel Davis, a 20-year-old unarmed African-American man, died during an arrest. His death was ruled a homicide by the Erie County Medical Examiner's Office, though under the law not every homicide is a crime. Two Buffalo police officers were cleared of criminal wrongdoing following an investigation by the state Attorney General's Office. Also included in last year's figure is Jose Hernandez-Rossy, 26, who was fatally shot by Buffalo police last May in Black Rock. An investigation by the state Attorney General's Office concluded the officer who fired believed his partner had been shot in the ear by Hernandez-Rossy, who was running away when he was shot. No criminal charges were filed.

Last year's total of 46 homicides also includes the death of a man who was run over by a vehicle driven by his ex-wife. Cuansharee Palmer was convicted in May of second-degree manslaughter in the death of Donnell Sharp.

To illustrate the ebb and flow of homicides in Buffalo, there was only one homicide in January but there were eight homicides in January 2017. That made it the deadliest January in at least the previous decade.

The majority of killings in Buffalo last year remain unsolved.

Map: Homicides in Buffalo in 2017

Map: Homicides in Buffalo in 2016

Map: Homicides in Buffalo in 2015


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