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Letter: Mueller’s investigation must proceed unimpeded

Over the objections of the FBI, which cited national security concerns, the Republicans released their highly controversial “bombshell” memo that was suppose to blow holes in the Robert Mueller investigation and all but exonerate President Trump. Despite the fact that the memo fell flat, proving nothing, there is no doubt that the campaign that is being carried out by the White House, congressional Republicans and Trump’s enablers at Fox (Fake) News and on right-wing radio to discredit the FBI, Department of Justice and Mueller, will continue unabated.

Luckily, one courageous Republican did speak out forcefully on the issue saying that “the latest attacks on the FBI and Justice Department serves no American interests … only Putin’s.” That Republican is none other than Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who we all know as a consummate American patriot and a war hero. He endured five-and-a-half long years of blistering hell as a captive in the famous prisoner of war camp in North Vietnam known as Hanoi Hilton.

In his statement, McCain also said that “special counsel Mueller’s investigation must proceed unimpeded.” Perhaps if Trump and his cohorts in the Republican Congress, along with some of the more vocal Republican mouthpieces at Fox and in right-wing radio, were given the opportunity to spend even a fraction of the time spent by McCain in a POW camp, they would come away with a better understanding of what American patriotism really is all about. And they would stop putting the interests of Trump, their party and Vladimir Putin ahead of the interests of our great nation. Yes, the Mueller investigation must be allowed to proceed unimpeded, and the scurrilous attacks against the FBI and Department of Justice must end.

Steve Szpakowski


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