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Letter: Long lines at drive-thru pollute air, waste a lot of gas

Bravo to the Jan. 25 My View writer who challenged knee-jerk users of drive-thru windows. While his statements about skyrocketing rates of obesity and diabetes, as well as blocking of commuter traffic, are on the mark, I’d like to point out two more reasons people shouldn’t make drive-thrus their default way of getting coffee or food.

1.) Needless pollution. Think about how much you’re contributing while your car is idling in those lines. If you must use a drive-thru, at least consider turning your car off (weather permitting) when you know there will be a long wait. 2.)Wasted money. We’re all quick to complain whenever gas prices go up, so why do so many think nothing of using gas for 10 or 15 minutes (or longer) at a time to go nowhere, in essence, when there’s another choice?

Jan Sandberg


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