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Letter: Spare us all from Trump, the nation’s bully in chief

As the various school districts and organizations struggle to confront the problems with bullies, we face it daily if you watch the news.

I realize what the financial impact would be if the cable news networks stopped covering every movement the bully in chief makes.

Every time this person opens his mouth, it’s to utter some sort of a slur upon anyone or any group that happens to get in his way.

The president relies on a cadre to fill his otherwise empty head with these vile actions and comments, which he spews forth with great ease. Lacking any basic morals, he has no problem repeating what he’s told.

We can only hope that our children and other vulnerable citizens are protected from this 24-hour-a-day soap opera. Please, all of you news networks, limit your coverage of this buffoon and protect the vulnerable citizens. Maybe the media could put him on pay-per-view. I don’t know of too many people who would pay to watch his dribble.

The minority of the voters are already lost but there’s still a chance to save the majority. And for Americans, our greatest day will be President Trump’s farewell address. (It can’t come soon enough.)

P.S. Don’t get too carried away with the State of the Union address. He has no concept of the script that was written for him.

Frank Maddock


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