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Letter: Cuomo is doing lousy job, he must rein in spending

While President Trump gets most of the media’s time these days for his bombastic, outside-the-swamp style, I believe Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been largely getting a free pass. With his obvious hunger to be our next president, he continues to conduct a tax-and-spend agenda while borrowing tens of billions of dollars to do so, adding to our enormous state debt with little or no pushback from our bloated State Legislature. Budget negotiations are imminent and I’m curious to see who, if anyone, will step up to the plate, exhibit a profile in courage and attempt to put a stop to it.

The governor seems to regularly announce a new spending program or partisan-pleasing executive order, whether its additional “free” college tuition for illegal aliens, state spending on Puerto Rico, banning tackle football for children under 14 or granting billions in job creation grants to companies with little tangible success, and in several cases, complete failure.

Since the media properly reported a $4 billion to $5 billion deficit in the coming budget, I fully expected a tight conservative proposal with few spending increases. Instead, Cuomo proposed billion-dollar increases in both educational and health care spending. I know it’s other people’s money he is spending, but I naively thought he’d exhibit sound fiscal judgment and a smart budget under the circumstances for the fiscal sake of the state taxpayers.

Putting aside his trusted right-hand man’s Albany corruption trial and his reported evasiveness with the media, it appears that he is the perfect candidate to be our next president. He fits the presidential profile perfectly.

Lou Speranza

Orchard Park

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