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Letter: Country might not survive four years of this president

I am truly starting to believe that the Trump presidency is becoming a dictatorship. The House and Senate both overwhelmingly voted to impose sanctions on Russia. The secretary of state, under orders from President Trump, refuses to impose them. Congress supposedly represents the will of the people, and Trump just kicked them in the teeth to support his buddy Vladimir Putin.

Now, in his State of the Union speech, Trump asks Congress, “to empower every Cabinet secretary with the authority to reward good workers and to remove federal employees who undermine the public trust or fail the American people.” What he is asking for is a way around the federal civil service rules that govern the way public servants are treated. There are already rules in place for the rewarding of good workers, and procedures for removing those who aren’t doing their jobs. What Trump wants is a way to just willy-nilly fire anyone who doesn’t agree with the current administration.

Lastly, Trump’s use of executive orders (59 to date), which he blasted President Barack Obama for using, has exceeded the pace of any of the last four presidents. In January 2016, Trump said, “We have a president that can’t get anything done, so he just keeps signing executive orders all over the place.” He also stated in April 2016, “I want to not use too many executive orders, folks, … so I want to do away with executive orders for the most part.” Obama used them to fight against a Republican-controlled Congress that denied many of his requests, but Trump has both the House and Senate in the majority, and still uses them to get his way.

Congress seems unable to act to control him, and even seems to approve of all he does to undo many years’ worth of attempts to keep this country from killing itself, through unlimited use of pesticides and blatant polluting of the atmosphere to pay back his coal and oil supporters. I don’t think this country can survive four years of this administration.

David R. Battaglia


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