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Letter: Congress needs to settle the Dreamers issue now

I am by no means happy that our government shut down. That being said, I am glad that Democrats stiffened their spines and stood their ground. It is unfair, and hurtful that the Dreamers remain in limbo for an undetermined period of time. Many Dreamers are law-abiding, industrious, taxpaying members of our country! They were brought here as children by their parents. They did not “sneak in” illegally.

Trump bears the onus of this shutdown. Congress is dysfunctional, but the Republicans are afraid and unable to make a decision without his approval. This is unacceptable. Do your jobs, work with Democrats, hammer out a deal, get the job done. Put a bill in front of Trump, and he will sign it. The far-right wing of the Republican Party keeps obstructing any chance of an agreement, as it maintains an unreasonable hard line on immigration. We are all descendents of immigrants, who, in coming to America, made this country what it is. Paul Ryan needs to cut these hard-line right-wingers loose, stay with the true Republicans, and work with them and the Democrats to form a reasonable bill to submit to the Senate.

As an American I believe that the Democrats are on the right side of the issue, aside from having to get to a shutdown. The majority of Americans want DACA settled, once and for all. We want protection and a path to citizenship for these people. It is time for Congress members to ignore Trump, do their jobs and represent their constituents. It used to be that Democrats and Republicans put aside their differences and hammered out compromises for the good of “we the people,” and the country. Frankly, we are the bosses – we put you in, and we can take you out. Do your jobs.

Trump, who never takes responsibility or accountability, needs to grow up. It is his inaction that drove us to the shutdown – not Democrats or the Senate.

Sen. Mitch McConnell should learn we have a two-party system. Enough is enough. It’s time for members of Congress to work together to solve our issues.

JoAnn Calandra

East Amherst

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