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Letter: Simple acts of kindness will enrich people’s lives

I’ve been dealing with many health concerns of late. I had a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, with some bad news results. News that will bring your spirits down. Later I went to a store to do some shopping. As I checked out, the cashier asked me if I was having a good day. I didn’t want to drop all of my problems on him. But I mentioned, no, I didn’t have a great day after my doctor visit. I told him, when you get old, all you do is doctor appointments; that’s why you need to retire. There’s no time for work anymore. He left the register and came back with a dozen roses, saying this might help me feel a little better to brighten my day. He made my day. Such a small gesture, but it meant the world to know that doing a small gesture can change the view that someone has of life.

Being single, it’s hard knowing that you don’t have a partner, children or grandchildren to care about you. You tend to feel used and ignored most of your life. About a year ago, I found I had a message on Facebook that had come two years earlier. Being new to it, I didn’t know about messaging. It was from a friend’s son who lives now in Canada. He wrote to thank me for being so kind to him when he was a teen. I took him to a Sabres hockey game. He told me he has never forgotten the thoughtfulness I showed him. It meant the world to him. It brought tears to my eyes. How many kids do you know who would contact someone 30 years later to thank them? That letter touched me so much, I made a copy of it and have it framed on my wall. When I feel no one cares, I reread that letter.

So think about how you can make a difference in someone’s life with the least little gesture. I’m not saying this because I live alone, but people don’t realize what it’s really like to have relatively no contacts. Ask others if they need anything from the store, or take their garbage out, or buy a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store for them. It’ll brighten up their day. To the fellow at the store who gave me roses, God bless you for caring about another human being.

Toni Barone

East Amherst

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