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Letter: Grammys don’t reflect mainstream America

I was surprised to read that a man of higher learning suggests that the Grammys may offer a more accurate “state of the union,” because “these songs are selling hundreds of thousands of copies and the message resonates with Americans.”

If I’m not mistaken, the R&B, rap and hip-hop aficionados are not what I would call mainstream America, but rather a segment of the population that is looking for an unusual message. Profanity, slang or poor grammar is used to express their displeasure with their present circumstance, along with a jolt of questionable language.

They may also include a majority of those on some form of public assistance or in low-paying jobs, feeling disgusted with their current plight. They may represent 25 percent of the nation’s population, and that percentage was probably greater in the previous administration. Grammys more accurate? I don’t think so.

Anthony F. Frandina


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