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Tyrod Taylor on goal-line pass vs. Jags: 'If you wanted to run, then call a run'

Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor told the Buffalo News Friday night that he doesn't want to take a pay cut to return to the team. One of the other items he addressed with Vic Carucci during Super Bowl week in Minnesota was the controversial decision to throw a pass from the 1-yard line in the Bills' playoff loss to the Jaguars.

Taylor reiterated that the play was a run-pass option, and that seeing Kelvin Benjamin in single coverage meant the call was to throw a fade. Taylor defended himself from criticism for the decision, saying, "If you wanted to run, then call a run."

The play went incomplete while Benjamin was called for offensive pass interference, which backed the Bills up 10 yards. They had to settle for a field goal, which made the score 3-0 in the second quarter of their eventual 10-3 loss.

"The run-pass option, if it was one-on-one outside with KB, which it was, we give him a chance to make a play," Taylor said. "And if we have two guys go out, then we run the football. I mean, people can go back and forth as to what to do in that situation, but a play was called and we ran it how we practiced it. We just didn't execute it. Unfortunately, it was an OPI that pushed us back. That happens. Of course, you don't want it to happen down there. Negative plays are never good, but especially when you're a yard away from scoring, it's definitely not good."

Taylor was then asked if he wished the Bills had handed off to LeSean McCoy.

Tyrod Taylor wants to stay with Bills, but won't take another pay cut

"If you wanted to run, then call a run," Taylor said. "When you get the option and you're given the opportunity of doing either one, and if it doesn't happen, then people say to (do the opposite). I'm not going to go back and forth as to what you should do in that situation. That day, against Jacksonville, we really didn't get a lot going in the running game, but you would expect Shady (McCoy) to get a yard there, but like I said, the called play was an option to do either or and we did one. It was just unsuccessful. We had an opportunity to (run), I had both hands on the ball. It was just an unfortunate situation that a PI was called."

Benjamin said at locker cleanout that he believed in the call.

"You want to throw fades," Benjamin said. "The problem is not the fade. That’s football, you just have to execute. There was multiple times we had the ball and went three-and-out. Fans can’t just be focused on one drive, you know what I’m saying? There’s time we had three-and-outs where we should’ve drove down and scored. ... That’s one drive. We almost had what 10 other series that we could’ve put points on the board."

The Bills fired offensive coordinator Rick Dennison after the season and replaced him with Brian Daboll. Taylor said he feels working with Daboll could play to his strengths as a mobile quarterback.

"They've done some creative things at Alabama," Taylor said. "He's had time on task with a mobile quarterback, so as far as what he brings to the table, a smart coach and it looks like he has a great plan. So I'm looking forward to working with him."

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