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Off Main: Rejected headlines for Bishop Malone car theft story

The news that Bishop Richard J. Malone's car was stolen from his home came out Thursday afternoon, followed quickly by news that it had been recovered in Rochester and a suspect was in custody.

And then the jokes started.

Around here, that meant coming up with a headline for the story.

Here are 10 that didn't make the cut:

This suspect might want to bring a lawyer to confession

This may have been a mistake of Biblical proportions

'Highway to Hell' is a song, not an idea

Someone should give up being a thief for Lent

What part of 'Thou Shalt Not Steal' is unclear?

Police collar suspect in theft of Bishop's car

Holy Moly! Bishop's car stolen

He stole WHOSE car?

Bishop Malone just got a great sermon idea

Maybe not the religious experience he had in mind


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