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Letter: March for Life is about more than just abortion

Thanks to The News for its Jan. 20 front-page article about the March for Life. In D.C., hundreds of thousands of predominantly young women and men, as well as older adults and children, marched in solidarity with a joyful, hopeful attitude. Many readers probably do not know that this has been going on for 45 years and is now the largest annual civil rights demonstration in the world. There are similar marches in over 60 cities across the U.S., as well as many countries around the world.

The pro-life movement is not just about abortion. Organizations in the movement provide healing and peace for the post-abortive woman (and man); help to the woman in a crisis pregnancy; help for the abortion clinic worker to leave the abortion industry; and promote respect for all human life, including the disabled and elderly. If you believe it’s about taking away women’s rights, you’ve been misled.

On the day after the March for Life, the Women’s March took place and also featured a main march in Washington, D.C. The news coverage presented participants as frustrated, feeling disrespected and unappreciated. To any women thinking about going to next year’s march, please consider going a day early with an open mind and talk to some pro-life people. You may be surprised at what you learn and might make some new friends!

Margaret Tremblay


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