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Editorial: It seems to us - About stealing from the bishop, plans for Hamburg and bad tobacco policy

We’re thinking the person who broke into the bishop’s home and stole his car is feeling repentant right about now. At least, thinking about going on the straight and narrow. We hope. After all, going to jail may be the least of his punishments.

Home break-in and car theft. One of those events is awful enough. As reports indicate, a Buffalo man was charged and arrested in connection with both misdeeds at the home of Bishop Richard J. Malone of the Buffalo Catholic Diocese.

Wishing the bishop the best and hoping some good comes out of this incident.

We’re glad Hamburg Supervisor James M. Shaw is setting his sights high. His constituents will be pleased if he can make even one item on his ambitious list happen. It includes patience. As in “wait, but not forever, for the Kaleta group to build a sports complex in the town,” as reported in The News.

He also wants to secure financial assistance from the state and county to help run Woodlawn Beach State Park. These are fiscally conservative times, but check it out.

He wants to create a nonprofit organization to combat the town’s opioid crisis. Extremely important and worth every effort.

And, this one should happen immediately, “Meet with Village of Hamburg and Blasdell officials to discuss sharing services.”

All worthy ideas which Shaw shared in his first State of the Town address. Getting it done will take cooperation and patience.

If you’re of a certain age, you may remember when cigarette companies seduced physicians into hawking their products in television and magazine ads. Many Americans evidently bought the idea that, as one ad boldly declared, “THROAT DOCTORS VOTE OLD GOLD BEST FOR YOUR THROAT.”

That was then, and this is now: The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, resigned after reports that she recently bought stock in a tobacco company. “Complex financial interests,” is how they were described. Everything old …

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