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Letter: Claims that Trump is racist are totally unsubstantiated

In recent times, but especially so since the election of Donald Trump as president, the charge of racism has rapidly been losing all meaning. It no longer is limited to its actual meaning of prejudice or discrimination against someone because of one’s race. It has morphed into a weapon used by large numbers of Americans to stifle debate and promote their ideology and political policies.

It doesn’t matter whether or not there is even a racial component to an issue, as long as the charge can be used to further the user’s agenda.

The evidence for this intellectual dishonesty can be seen almost daily in Everybody’s Column. One recent writer compared Trump’s attempts to repair our reckless immigration policies to the Nazis’ murder of 6 million Jews during World War II. I am not Jewish, but I would think just about all of them would be offended by this perverse comparison.

Another wrote that allegedly racist admission policies at one of Trump’s companies was none other than evidence of Trump’s racist intent. Trump’s financial conglomerate consists of over 800 companies, but this writer believes that Trump personally directed this company’s management to exclude blacks.

In the Jan. 22 column, a writer charged that the claim of Russian collusion in the 2016 election was evidence that Trump is a racist. There is no mention whatsoever in this letter of any connection to racism, but apparently, this writer just couldn’t help herself.

Besides the absurdity of many of these claims, the reckless charge of racism for every policy with which one disagrees has the effect of cheapening the meaning of racism. When we deplorables are accused of racism for just about everything, we no longer pay attention and victims of actual racism may pay the price.

Let me save some time. The readers of this letter to whom it is directed will no doubt dismiss it as just another example of Trump’s racist America. So be it.

Joseph P. Fahey


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