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Letters: Plow drivers need to stop dumping snow on neighbors

While I wholeheartedly agree with the Jan. 27 letter stating that motorists should be cautious when encountering snowplows, may I also add that when these snowplow drivers are performing their duties, whether they are professional, residential or commercial operators, they must not plow the snow across the road onto other people’s property!

This is the second time while living at my present address that two different operators from two different companies plowed snow onto my front lawn. It didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to see that there was more snow on my property directly across the street from my neighbor’s driveway. These plow operators should know that it is illegal in New York State to push snow from one property to someone else’s. If I know that this is illegal, surely snowplow drivers know it as well.

I am sure that they knew but had that “devil may care” attitude and just wanted to finish this job and rush to the next one. This is just basic common sense. It shouldn’t take a law to say that your snow should not become my snow. Snowplow drivers should get a break from passing motorists, however, surrounding property owners should get a break from snowplow drivers.

Rick Iorfida


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