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Letter: Trump has no mandate for anything he has done

We’re a year in! President Trump, constitutionally elected, is still the illegitimate president, with a crony Cabinet and a complicit Congress. A year of embarrassing distractions has undermined the dignity of the presidency, diminished respect for the U.S. throughout the world, repeatedly threatened democracy, wrecked the judiciary, threatened nuclear war and unleashed violent bigotry throughout the land.

It ends with passage of a single piece of legislation that gives giant handouts to the rich, opens coastal waters and Arctic lands to oil pollution and threatens the viability of the Affordable Care Act. Finally, we have a “government shutdown.” Trump is the great national embarrassment, a buffoon, a danger to the nation and the world. And he’s doing it all with absolutely no mandate.

Media comments often say that Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million. While it’s true that nearly 3 million more people voted for the front-runner, Hillary Clinton, than for Trump, an additional 7 million voted for candidates other than Trump or Clinton. He actually lost the popular vote by 9.9 million. Claims that this was because of vast voter fraud are rubbish. Nobody has found a shred of credible evidence for that claim.

To put it simply, Trump has no mandate. He has no mandate to build a wall. He has no mandate to deport huge numbers of immigrants and refugees. He has no mandate to destroy the environment or the agencies that protect it. He had no mandate to steal a Supreme Court seat. He has no mandate to start a war in Korea or anyplace else. He has no mandate to run roughshod over all ethical principles in government. He has no mandate. Period.

We may be stuck with him until Jan. 20, 2021. Congressional elections are coming in November, though. We can at least deprive Trump of the complicit Congress. New York’s 27th District is the perfect place to start.

William H. Siener


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