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Heart-stopping action makes 'The Dead Cure' a memorable addition to 'The Maze Runner' series

From page to screen, "The Maze Runner" series has been captivating the hearts of fans.

Written by James Dasher and adapted for screen by T.S. Nowlin, "The Maze Runner" series is set in a dystopian world where a deadly virus is running rampant.

A company called WCKD took children who were believed to be immune and – after temporarily erasing their memories and experimenting on them – put them into a maze where they were forced to live.

As "The Maze Runner, The Death Cure" commences, viewers are immediately greeted with action. Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and the group of "rebels" he has joined are caught hijacking a train on which WCKD is holding escaped immunes captive.

Upon successfully hijacking the train, the freed immunes are taken to a camp, fed, and informed about the rebels’ plans to leave on a boat.

Realizing that Minho (Ki Hong Lee), the friend he was actually trying to save, is not at the camp, Thomas, Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and FryPan (Dexter Darden), decide to go off on their own to get Minho back.

Hoping to finally get answers to the questions they have been asking since they first woke up in the glade, Thomas, Newt, and FryPan infiltrate the city WCKD has built strictly for themselves and those who are not infected.

Old alliances are renewed and new alliances are broken as the trio makes their way deeper into the heart of WCKD.

Throughout their journey, the trio is greeted by both returning characters, such as Brenda, Jorge and Teresa, and new characters, such as Lawrence and Jasper.

There is also a surprise character whose return will inevitably provoke mixed emotions among fans.

Despite the two-year gap between the second and third film, due to an on-set injury, the last installment of "The Maze Runner" series was the highest grossing film on its opening weekend, with a box-office total of $23.5 million.

Be sure to bring tissues because this film is definitely going to cause you to shed some tears.

Samantha Simpson is a junior at Cardinal O’Hara High School.


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