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Letter: National Grid’s plan to raise rates is unfair to customers

We’re fighting a losing battle. Last year, we invested in a rooftop solar power system large enough to power our entire home. In addition, we replaced every single light bulb in our home with an LED bulb. All of our appliances are now Energy Star rated. We’re doing our very best to save energy and to “go green.”

These investments lowered our electric bill from over $200 a month to just the delivery rate of slightly over $18 per month. The investment we made, while quite expensive, will have paid for itself in eight years. Or so we thought.

Now, National Grid wants to increase its delivery rates over three years by 4.7 percent, 5.7 percent and 5.8 percent, respectively. That 5.8 percent increase in the third year is on an already set increase of 10.4 percent. In other words, we’ll see an increase of 16.2 percent in the third year, not the 5.8 percent National Grid would like you to believe. It just sounds to be not so much when broken up by thirds.

In addition to National Grid’s requested rate increase, the company will realize an additional savings of over $76 million annually because of the new federal tax laws that reduced corporate taxes from 35 percent to 21 percent. The proposed increases apply only to the delivery rates; that is, directed at everybody who has invested in solar power.

I guess our only hope is to pray for more sunshine to generate enough power to offset the delivery rate increase. Maybe the National Grid CEO can redirect part of his multimillion-dollar annual salary to help offset the “need” for rate increases!

Thomas Destino


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