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Entrepreneurs: Innovation at the core of Bret Blakely & Steve Coulton's golf business

Who: Bret Blakely and Steve Coulton, co-founders of OnCore Golf

What they're doing: The company is rapidly gaining recognition throughout the golf industry. OnCore introduced a high-performance golf ball constructed with a hollow-metal core. That's a radical departure from the solid rubber core used to make traditional golf balls, and it was a catalyst for United States Golf Association rewriting its rules for technology for only the second time in 100 years.

How they define the entrepreneurial spirit: They value mentoring and constant improvement. Blakely's father, investor Keith Blakely, a serial entrepreneur and mentor for his son, helped build the business. OnCore is now refining its original hollow-metal technology as well as developing new products. A current example: OnCore is introducing electronics into a golf ball that can stand up to repeated impact and connects with a smartphone app.

Blakely's advice for the new entrepreneur: "Be sure to inject your originality at every point you can in your business. Originality is the only thing that cannot be replicated."

Coulton's advice for the new entrepreneur: "Have fun, work hard, enjoy what you do, and channel your inner creativity to redefine your industry."

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