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Polar vortex popping back into February forecasts

Enjoy this weekend.

The next one could be extra frigid.

Forecasters are eyeing another blast of extremely cold air for "Super Bowl weekend," also known as the first weekend in February.

Signs suggest it could envelop much of the northern tier of the Lower 48 states east of about Montana.

An initial blast of cold air could come late next week with a second punch following that into the week after that.

Below-average temperatures are expected for much of the continental United States for the first part of February. (Climate Prediction Center)

Long-range experts at the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center call for Arctic air to begin moving south from Canada into the northern Plains by about  Thursday.

That could drop temperatures as low as 20 degrees below normal.

"At the same time," forecasters at the Climate Prediction Center said, "wintry precipitation may develop from eastern Missouri to Western New York, near the leading edge of the Arctic air mass."

Progressively frigid air could envelop the Northeast for the first week of February in several blasts, they said.

Weather Service forecasters in Buffalo also introduced the idea of a frigid first February weekend into their forecast discussion.

"Looking further down the road, there is an increasing likelihood that stronger shots of very cold air will impact our region as we head into the first weekend of February," the weather service said.

Forecasters pointed out the polar vortex, which will initially be found near Baffin Island, could "become dislodged and gyrate south to Hudson Bay."

As Lake Erie's ice supply dwindling with the recent warm temperatures, it re-opens the conversation about lake-effect snow.

How iced over is Lake Erie today? Less than 70 percent

Buffalo forecasters weren't going there just yet because it's just outside of its usual week-long forecast package.

Still, it could be something to keep an eye on.

"The cold air being 'home grown' and stored over western Canada would then be pushed southward to the Lower 48," the weather service in Buffalo said. "The initial surge of this cold air would move into our region for Friday and Saturday with a more impressive shot coming later the following week."

It added: "Stay tuned."

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