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Letters: Will uninvited ‘guests’ take over our country?

Will uninvited ‘guests’ take over our country?

The immigration issue is simple enough not to be polarizing. It is the semantics used by those who wish to confuse the issue in their favor that has caused most of the consternation.

Immigrant should be strictly a term for describing authorized, legal petitioners for immigration to another country, who most of us either were, or are related to. Illegal alien accurately describes someone who crosses the border into another country without authorization with the objective of absconding jobs and benefits – universally and internationally accepted as an illegal activity. It’s when someone refers to both of these categories as “immigrants” that the confusion starts and disparity blossoms.

To clarify, let’s discuss the difference between the words “guest” and “interloper.” Since “guest” describes an invited situation and “interloper” an uninvited situation, both can be technically construed as referring to a guest. Suppose we do the same “immigrant” and “illegal alien” conversion, for a hypothetical local situation. A person comes home and discovers the refrigerator is empty, then tries the bathroom door and finds it being used by a perfect stranger. Enraged, she calls the police and is asked if her “guest” has done anything threatening, or stolen anything. She says no, but he has been trespassing and using her food and utilities. The officer says as long as he has been a law-abiding “guest,” there is nothing he can do.

If we misconstrue the immigration issue and invalidate the laws instituted for our protection, confusing the difference between guests and interlopers, we will continue suffering very long-term consequences. Are we prepared to let these “uninvited guests” take over our country?

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park

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