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Letters: Motorists ought to give snowplow drivers a break

Motorists ought to give snowplow drivers a break

This letter is for those of us who are professional, residential and commercial snowplow drivers with our own businesses. We have plowing insurance and permits to plow snow, as required in most towns.

We perform a service for all types of people – elderly, single parents, people who are handicapped for one reason or another or people who are just too busy to shovel.

We plow at all times of the day and night depending on the weather and in all conditions, when most people would not go outside.

We cannot make any plans to go on vacation from November to March; we have to be ready at all times, holiday or not. We are not the intruder on the roads; we are trying to do the job that people paid us to do.

We try to be safe with our amber lights and flasher. Sometimes it is very difficult for us to see your car. It is easier for you to see us and it would be great to have that caution light respected by other cars on the road. Please slow down because we make frequent stops.

Please try to understand that we are only trying to do our job for your neighbors and we want to do it safely.

Robert Cartonia

Orchard Park

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