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Letter: Washington politicians sorely lacking in ethics

Washington politicians sorely lacking in ethics

Today it is very hard for anyone to decide what is real or fake news. I read where a former FBI leader, who was criticized for not playing by the rules, is going to be teaching classes on ethics. I believe most of our leaders need to take classes on being ethical. Why are they always including other proposals with legislation so as to say, “We play by my rules or we don’t play the game?” I’m not a lawyer but if this isn’t illegal, it should be. That is not being ethical. And that is one big reason why nothing ever gets done in Washington.

The other day they announced that our government had temporarily shut down and that some would be working while not getting paid. Why doesn’t this include them? This is being hypocritical, not ethical. It’s mostly our fault, We voted them in.

John B. Guzzi


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