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Letter: Trump encourages fanatics to attack essential free press

Trump encourages fanatics to attack essential free press

Recently, Don Lemon of CNN News spoke directly, during the nightly news, to our autocratic president, who relentlessly attacks the media for “fake news.” Translated from Trumpspeak, “fake news“ is actually factual reporting that does not praise this vulgar, amoral man who daily demeans the office of president and who lies with impunity. A free press is essential to our democratic republic. Hence, we have the First Amendment to the Constitution.

The consequences of these attacks on our free press and our freedom of speech have resulted in death threats to CNN reporters and other journalists if Trump doesn’t like what’s being said.

A man was arrested for threatening to kill all CNN reporters and his rallying cry was “fake news.” We all know that is Trump’s battle cry and he delights in assaults on the press. Lemon asked the president to stop endangering the lives of all journalists and reporters.

I fear for our country and I applaud all who speak out for what is right and all who report the facts. The late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan has been quoted as saying, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion but not to his own facts.” Except, of course, Trump thinks he’s the exception.

Lucia Leone Sleight


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