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Letter: Right choice was made; Dreamers fight isn’t over

Right choice was made; Dreamers fight isn’t over

I’m writing to express my gratitude to Sen. Charles Schumer and other Democrats in the Senate for their skillful negotiations with Senate Republicans, President Trump and his like-minded Cabinet.

I know how challenging it must have been to shut the federal government down and, later, to have to choose whether or not to reopen it in exchange for CHIP funding, while leaving Dreamers in limbo.

Such a “Sophie’s Choice” is miserable and I regret that rank-and-file Democrats have not given congressional Democrats a Democratic majority with whom they could be working to prevent Trump’s bigotry from harming vulnerable Americans.

To New York’s elected officials have support in Buffalo and throughout the state and country. We know they will hold the line for DACA in February and we are prepared to fight alongside them!

Stacey Bowers


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