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Letter: Politicians should stop fighting for illegal aliens

Politicians should stop fighting for illegal aliens

Why are politicians fighting so hard for people who broke the law by coming to our country illegally? Why were our elected leaders willing to shut down the government for noncitizens in the name of DACA?

Why do they care more for illegal immigrants than legal immigrants? Why do they care more for noncitizens than citizens? Why are they willing to tell members of our military (who volunteer to defend our country by putting their lives in harm’s way for us) that they are less important than those who sneak into our country illegally?

Why are politicians putting our nation at risk by hurting the military? Why are they telling us and the world that they are willing to break our own laws to fight for those who come into our country illegally?

America was built on legal immigration. We have laws for helping refugees, too. Americans are not against people coming legally into our country, but we have a right to say who can legally come here. Americans have a right to tell people who break our laws to get into our country to get out.

How does allowing people to break our laws by sneaking in, and then rewarding their children for doing this, stop illegal immigration? It doesn’t.

All of the Democrats and some of the Republicans are willing to fight so hard for these noncitizens in ways that hurt our real citizens and our country. Politicians should fight this hard for Americans.

The “Schumer Shutdown” and “Pelosi Payback” will not be forgotten. Our military should never be sucked into these political games. Why didn’t all the politicians get their paychecks stopped during a government shutdown? Maybe then they would learn how to work together for the American people, instead of working for their own special interests.

Kathleen Sacilowski


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